Many of you are unwittingly already implementing this plan so it may sound familiar.

1. Get heartburn (requires prior use of antibiotics)

2. Take PPI’s like nexium – they should just package these & the antibiotics together—shrink wrap them—like ‘batteries included.’

3. Stupidity—just take them w/o asking questions in perpetuity.
(anyone ever have their doctor to tell you to stop taking them?)

4. Give enough time to pass (typically 2-3 yrs ) for the acid to either eat a hole right through your esophagus or to form a thick layer of scar tissue aka–GERD.

5. Upon your next endoscopy (after complaining about not being able to swallow) your doctor says you have a (bogus) diagnosis of hiatal hernia & prescribes a higher dose of PPI’s- for life.

6. You go home & unknowingly (because you didn’t ask) with every meal & release of stomach acid your esophagus keeps getting scorched—thanks to the PPI’s just a little less.

7. You are getting closer to reaching your goal –

Barrett’s Syndrome—hoo – ray—you are almost there—congrats you now have pre-cancerous cells!

8. Now just do as my family member Jim did—-just ignore it & wait for those pre-cancerous cells to percolate—-

***If someone tells you that this can be fixed (which it can) by taking some herbal pills & a specialized liquid probiotic -ignore them-after all remember your goal!

Make sure you do what Jim did—-tell them firmly that you are too busy & that you don’t like taking pills & that ‘I am taking nexium.’

9. Get all your affairs in order.

10. We buried Jim last december.