road-630415_1920All Inflammatory Bowel “Diseases” are completely curable.

This includes IBS – Colitis – UC. – Leaky Gut “Syndrome” –  Crohn’s “Disease” & Diverticulitis.

These are not separate conditions.They are notdiseases” or “syndromes.”They are notauto-immune diseases- genetically inherited or caused by germs- poor diet or lifestyle. They are actually manmade conditions -“injuries” to the GI tract- caused by our own digestive acids.

The only difference is the degree of damage done to this tissue by this acid.

This is similar to 1st-2nd or 3rd degree burns which in turn occurs in direct proportion to the length of time one has gone w/o the “Proper” Treatment.

The “Proper” Treatment is not the ongoing use of toxic drugs such as steroids Prednisone & Asacol that do nothing to fix the problem- but just “string” the patient along until they reach the point of the last allopathic “solution”- surgery.

This approach to IBD is unacceptable & primitive.  Hence – with all of these conditions being in basis the same-the Crohn’s Disease treatment is the same as the Colitis treatment which is the same as the IBS treatment ect.

These conditions are all “manmade” & have the same cause & the same cure. The fundamental problem is that the mucosal lining which coats & protects the GI tract has been breached by the use of certain medications- which then allows our digestive acids to penetrate & make direct contact with the intestinal tissue. This acid then “erodes” the intestinal wall causing the symptoms like:

  • urgent diarrhea
  • pain
  • bloating
  • blood & mucus in the stool
  • constipation & a bloody rectum or even blood in the toilet.

Left unabated this erosion will be ongoing as the acid continues to eat away at the tissue until it “cannibalizes” the whole intestinal wall.

The above list in it’s order from left to right starting with IBS- represents the same condition with it’s continued erosion over time from one degree of damage to the other- done by the unabated acid- bringing about the increasingly severe symptoms. As an example-Colitis- Leaky Gut & “Crohn’s Disease” are nothing other than IBS- that over time did not receive the “Proper” Treatment & the tissue continued  to deteriorate due to the acid eating away at it.

This process can be stopped & the tissue completely healed by the application of the “Proper” Alternative Treatment.

Save yourself from useless pain!

What is required to do so is the exact reversal of what caused the problem in the first place.

  1. The first thing needed is to replace the mucosal lining- this will block the acid from doing anymore damage to the tissue.
  2. Simultaneously the intestinal wall is to be rebuilt to it’s original integrity by the use of specific nutritional supplements that contain the very organic compounds that this tissue is made of.  Conventional Medicine cannot do this due to the fact that they use chemicals/drugs in their methodology. Bodily tissue is not made of pharmaceutical substances so therefore it is unable to rebuild any tissue.

This is true for all Inflammatory Bowel “Diseases.”

Done properly by a Naturopathic Doctor specializing in Holistic Gastro-enterology this process will bring about a legitimate & permanent cure – that requires no maintenance – no drugs – no nutritional supplements – dietary or lifestyle restrictions.
This is being done every day by Alternative Practitioners.

I would suggest to all sufferers of any Inflammatory Bowel “Disease” to seek alternatives to the obviously ineffective conventional approach.

Stop Suffering – Start Today!