The Great Bone Broth Hoax

Bone Broth supposedly having magical health properties is just flat out total bull shit.

(I can hear the f-bombs attached to my name going off already)

You’ve been had. There is nothing nutritive in this stuff that is not readily available in most any other food.

If you have experienced any improvement in your health since drinking it proves one thing—

The Placebo Effect Is Real!!!!

There are literally dozens & dozens of stories on line & on blogs of people who experimented with doing the Bone Broth Diet Thing & they all concluded the same thing—

that It is total bull shit!

We go through this every year-I call it the ‘Dr. Oz Effect.’

Let me make this completely clear–all of the inflammatory bowel conditions-

IBS-colitis – crohn’s – leaky gut—even GERD can be healed—-but it is impossible unless you

ingest nutritional supplements that contain concentrated amounts of the constituents of what the

GI tract—skin -fat & muscle is made of.

Bone Broth does not have any of those.

Glance at just a few of these–I especially like the one titled

‘Why Bone Broth is a steaming cup of Bulls**t’…