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Kimberly Gioiosa

Cheers to 2 years!! Thank you Dr. Snow for another year of health and normalcy!! My life would not be the same without you! You were an answered prayer, and my family and I will always be grateful to you! If you are considering working with Dr. Snow, I urge you to reach out to him immediately! There are literally not enough words to describe the impact he has had on my life! My body was sicker than we even thought when I started working with him and i had some set backs along the way.. but Dr. Snow made it clear to me that he would resolve my problems and I put my trust in him. It was hard work and there were A LOT of tears along the way but during that time, not only was he trying to find the solution to my problem, he became my biggest cheerleader, always giving me encouragement, telling me I was going to be healthy again.. and he was right! Thank you for everything Doc!!

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Kimberly Gioiosa September 1 2021

Today marks 18 months of being 100% symptom free!! Thank you Dr. Albert Snow

Amber Tinney

So it’s been a very long time since i posted. Last month i hit my one year with out any symptoms! I can’t believe i was sick for so long! For years doctors told me there was nothing i could do to heal myself! I was lost confused and super sick! For about a decade i followed western medicine and their protocol to only rapidly get sick and lose my ability to truly live life! I didn’t even have a clue i was losing my quality of life by the day because i was just so focused on surviving life by the hour, by the day! Living this way my mental health crumbled. I was living in survival mode for so long I’ve lost almost complete control of my emotions. I was absolutely terrified! I had no idea if I’d live to see tomorrow. Would people care? Would they miss me? It really fucked my head up. Dealing with this illness alone is awful and super scary! I was so determined to prove the doctors wrong. Prove to my friends and family and acquaintances that i can absolutely do anything i put my mind to! Including healing myself from the inside out! It has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to conquer because it was going to take patience. Which i had none little did i know i was going to be healing and regulating my emotions along my journey. Did i have set backs and hiccups in the past almost 3 years of my healing? Hell yes! Instead of feeling defeated i had this burning desire to fight back! My motto was never give up, never give in! I wasn’t going to let anything stop me! Not money. Not emotions. Nothing! If i had to get another job or work extra hours to afford my supplements and food i did it! I went to work every single day and my place of employment had only 1 bathroom!!! Only people who have gone through this understands the fear of one bathroom and it being occupied when you have a emergency. I learned pressure points to avoid accidents to buy myself a few minutes until the bathroom was not being occupied. Talk about humiliation! But i learned to say F it and not care what people thought because they had not a clue wtf i was dealing with. I had to eat my food out of a food processor for the first few months because my bowel almost ruptured prior to finding Dr Snow. I had my consultation from the hospital bed! Discovering Dr Snow was a absolute miracle! He was my last Hope before starting some of the more heavy pharmaceuticals. When finding and talking to Dr Snow i was so distraught from being so sick. I barely could comprehend what he was saying. But i knew he was my guy! He was the guy to show me the way to my healing! I can’t be thankful enough!! Now that I’m feeling amazing i noticed now that my gut is under control my mental health is in a much better state! The other day i went out to eat (i never went out to eat) i ate a turkey burger and sweet potato fries. The bun was supposed to be gluten free but the server didn’t hear me apparently and i ate it all!! I was a little scared but was like oh well let’s see what happens. You know what happened? Absolutely NOTHING!!! I could cry how happy this makes me!! I’m still terrified of salads but in due time if at all. So my advice to you all is do not quit or give up on the protocol. It may take more time than you like but the payoff is absolutely beautiful! I have my health back. My mental state is 1000x better. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! I was unstoppable at my most vulnerable/sick state! Now that i have my health back it’s time to grab life by the horns and drive it right in the direction i want now! There’s no better feeling in this world than getting my life back! Thank you so much Dr Albert Snow . You’re awesome

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Amber Tinney

Stacy Miner

You’ve made more sense than 10,000 google searches! Why doesn’t anybody know anything! You’ll be hearing my voice very soon. Thanks again,

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Augustin Wilson

Hello Dr. Snow, I want to declare VICTORY! 6 months after starting your protocol and diet restrictions my Crohn’s “Disease” is healed! The surgeon and GI told me that my intestines and ileum look “completely normal”. They said looking at the results I would say we would never know you had Crohn’s. It seems impossible to thank you for your knowledge, patience and compassion during this time but I will try. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my life (which had been held hostage by this illness) back to me, you are awesome!

Branson MI – 5 stars
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Veronica Lee

“Where do I begin?” ….as the song goes….Truly, where do I begin with Doc Snow? I call him Doc Unreal – coz there is no known/claimed cure for the diseases he is claiming to heal and continues to heal. I am one of his latest “victim” and a very happy one indeed! I was in despair with LPR and all the symptoms associated with it and some….till I stumbled upon Doc Snow out of desperation searching for a cure over the net. I must say with all honesty and sincerity the $295 dollars I paid him was worth every dollar and the best investment in my life. He is always there for me, promptly answering queries, micro managing me all the way; sprinkled with a healthy dose of wicked witty humor which I just love! It is true that “laughter is the best medicine” and Doc Snow is one of those that practises this plenty! It is unbelievable how responsible he is in my healing. When I pay for a visit to my GP or Specialist, it’s a one time thing. You see them, they speak about hardly anything that you don’t know already and they hurry you out of their office. If you later wish to clarify something, suddenly they are not as available as when you first made an appointment with them! Doc Snow is like having a Private Specialist Doctor at my beck and call! I spent so much on Specialists and Tests. Doc Snow’s fees are peanuts compared to what I have already spent. And none of them gave me any hope or cured me at all. They simply “drugged” me. Doc Snow is so responsible and interested in my healing that I still find it hard to believe. He is too good to be real. But he is. If you are hesitating, DON’T! Call him NOW; to begin regaining your gut health. His knowledge, expertise, and especially his sincerity and passion for healing are priceless. His fee of $295, to me, is actually an “insult” to what he is doing. Anyway, I’ve been with him almost two months now and it’s been a slow process but I’m definitely getting better and better week by week. The lump in my throat is not there anymore. The tension/pressure in my throat and oesophagus are improving little by little. Heartburn also decreasing day by day. My gastritis don’t bother me anymore. My tongue is cleaner. My mouth not dry anymore. Appetite getting better and I’m eating more. I lost so much weight before I xonsulted Doc Snow. Overall, I feel so much better and so so far from that sick depressed/hopeless person I was before I found Doc Snow. May this Unreal Doc continue to make a difference in this world; one stomach at a time! Way to go Doc!!!

Melbourne Australia – 5 stars
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Shahla Sedaghat Checa

I have been suffering from Diverticulits and Diverticulosis since 2009. My condition worsened and in the August of 2016 I was advised by two separate GI physicians to have a permanent colostomy. I am a Lupus patient and I refused to accept it. My friend whom had followed Dr. Snow recommended me to consult with him. In July I was in so much pain that I was bed ridden. I contacted Dr. Snow and began with a liquid diet and series of holistic supplements. I just had a colonoscopy after 4 months and my GI Dr. Said that most of the damage to the large intestine has been repaired and I don’t need any surgery! Dr. Snow is still helping me to restore my gut and my intestines to totally healthy and I can’t appreciate his promptness, his kindness and his expertise.

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Kay Pettenger

I have been with Dr. Snow for close to 2 years. He has helped tremendously with my IBS -C. It is so nice not to have your bowels dictate your activities for the day, now we are off on a new adventure of getting my cholesterol down a little bit. He is always there to help me thank you very much Dr. Snow

Carr Hartford CT – 5 stars
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Joanne Doherty

I had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis approxiamtely one and a half years ago ..I had tried several different avenues..of treatment.. to no avial.. I had several bouts of bloody stools/diarhhea…then I would get better in feb of 2016..I started having problems.. they became more severe..couldnt seem to shake it.. like I had previously…I became very frightened…one day…I broke down.. I prayed to God and asked for guidance…help in treating this…the next day I typed in Holistic Gastroenterologist …and Dr Snow came up..the only one … I read his book online.. easy read.. and I again prayed that He could help me..I contacted Dr Snow…He answered the phone himself….he started me on a regimen of supplements (2/15/16)…and within just a few days I noticed a difference..and things only continued to improve…It has now been over two months.. I have not had another episode of urgent ..painful.. bloody stools..thats over 3 months…and all seems fine…I am thrilled with my results..and feel this is the real deal..and want to let everyone know..you dont have to suffer..be embarrassed..you can get help..I am truly indebted to Dr Snow..

Manchester NH – 5 stars
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Susan Roberts

I followed your protocol for 12 months. No more and no less than you instructed. I have now been protocol and medication free since September of 2019. I can eat what I want and I can drink what I want. You changed my life and I can never thank you enough.

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Brenda Tourville

I say stick with Dr.Snow’s Protocol and be healed. It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abbt Boak Your protocol helped my friend Melissa’s daughter so very much. I remember at one point she almost lost hope but she “stuck with it” and her daughter is doing great now. I’m so very grateful someone mentioned you to her and that she didn’t give up.

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Jax Scott

Been on protocol for a year did exactly what I was told and guess what? I’m free of symptoms… THANK YOU DR SNOW

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Lori Hehl

Protocol works! Your amazing Dr. Snow! My husband is symptom free and gaining weight!!!!

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Lise Poulsen

Dear Dr Snow You cured my son and I can never thank you enough. He was only 17 when he started on the protocol, but he made the decision very early on to do exactly what you said, and bless him he stuck to it. He was so unwell, losing weight by the day and in so much pain. I will put it in his words “ I can eat what I want and have no pain.” Thank you again Dr Snow. We owe you so much for bringing our son back from such a bad place and he is now in his final year at university studying for his Masters. All made possible because of you!!!

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Ad Lamps

Hey everyone, just wanted to share our story in case it helps others in the same situation. Our son was diagnosed with UC when he was 5. Immediately they put him on steroids, then Azathioprine, then imfliximab (Remicade) but these were all deemed to be ineffective as his inflammation levels sky-rocketed to like 2000+. This was all in the space of less than a year. We were really scared that we we’re running out of options drug wise so we took the plunge to explore the natural route. I found a nutritional therapist here in the U.K. who really helped us stem the tide and his symptoms reduced massively within weeks, so the doctors agreed to stop the imfliximab and just stay on azathioprine. Fast forward about 2 1/2 years our local guy then decided to change careers so we came across Dr Snow and decided to transfer over to him. Like I said our son was in a good position but I felt there was room for improvement and hoped a more sustainable diet and supplement program was possible. So we’ve worked with Dr Snow over the last 8 months or so and I’ve just emailed him to say; we’ve not seen any symptoms for 30 days, he’s had 2 bowel movements per day (morning and night) and there have been some amazing formations in there too (sorry!) We’re so grateful for Dr Snows experience, patience and guidance and can’t recommend him highly enough! He’s given our son his life back! He’s 9 now, he’s thriving, he plays rugby and nothing holds him back! I hope to get our son off Azathioprine but I’m playing the long game with the hospital, in that he’s been on it 3 1/2 years with no increase to the disease so it’s now largely infective from a “treatment” perspective. Anyway thanks for reading, like I said I hope this helps someone else in a similar situation. Reach out to Dr Snow, follow his guidance, keep in touch with him, be patient and I know you’ll have success too!

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Geoffrey Lyons-Mound

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Albert Snow for he’s amazing Protocol, the last 12 months has been the worst of my life, with my Son, being diagnosed with Crohn’s, when my son first had he’s Cal-protecting (stool test) it was over 1600, the norm should be below 50, and last week it was 27.5, which is amazing. Once again THANK YOU Dr Albert Snow, and thank god for directing me to him.

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