This is a diet that is recommended by many doctors for people with inflammatory bowel conditions such as IBS- colitis-ulcerative colitis and crohn’s. It is just a different way of saying a low fiber diet. The problem is that this is being presented as being either the cure or as the best that can be done. Neither is true. The reason we want to eat a low fiber diet is because we have a pre-existing problem which is an already inflamed gastric tissue and the fiber would only aggravate it- not cause it.

To continue to eat fiber foods will exacerbate the problem and bring about symptoms such as diarrhea and intestinal pain. To keep going will bring about even more severe symptoms like mucus and blood in the stool. Eating a low fiber diet is a must while you are in the process of getting your GI tract fixed. However remember that is not the cure. Food cannot cause or fix any inflammatory bowl condition.

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