basic-1239213_1920I have been trying to figure out the exact cause of this condition for a long time. I now realize why it was so difficult to crack the code. There are many causes of this increasingly common gastrointestinal problem. It is the result of a GI tract that has been attacked by numerous vagaries of modern living.

Poor Quality Food as well as a severely restricted diet. Our ancestors ate a much wider variety of foods. One example is that at in the 1920’s they ate as many as 30 different berries and 10-15 types of nuts. And they ate the whole food. We only get what is left over after it is processed to death. Our body needs the unique nutrients that are contained in those foods

A chemical saturated environment. Everything we ingest & touch is laced with chemicals that have many altering effects on our own biochemistry.

The explosion over the last 20 yrs of new synthetic antibiotics that are everywhere including our food & water supply & all of our health and beauty and toiletry products. We are a bacteria phobic culture.

Because of the unavoidable facts above——-we are falling apart. We have become a walking semi food -semi chemical blob staggering around. We are a culture who’s immunity is so weak we can’t stop things from growing on us & in us (give me more antibiotics—–in my antiperspirants and mouthwash & tooth pastes and household cleaners please!) We can’t properly heal & maintain the integrity of our bodily tissues.

Hence-Leaky Gut Syndrome. Why the term ‘syndrome?’ That is used because there are many contributing causes as stated above.

We have holes in the wall of our stomach. Because of this undigested food particles as well as preservatives & whatever else we swallow (twinkies -what food group are they?) pass unprocessed directly into the blood stream causing our immune system to freak out & to set off all kinds of alarms = food allergies / intolerances.

There is a long list of other symptoms such a malnutrition-fatigue-skin issues-learning issues-pain syndromes-headaches-high cholesterol-sugar management- all types of allergies-almost you name it.

Do you have one of those kids that seems to react to everything? Why do we need peanut free zones all of a sudden?

We have sprung a leak at the top of the biochemical assembly line-the gut-where it all begins.

The complicated part is figuring out what causes this & how to live with it. Over time I did that.

The easier part is healing it. What can complicate the treatment is that because of this leak & insufficient digestion / processing & hence hyper immune response—–is that sometimes we will react to the very stuff—-supplements – herbs – that are what we need to heal this. This can require quite simple nutrients but we must know how to dispense them—–what ones to use–typically ones that are predigested so as to not stress this broken system and set off the alarms.

It is possible to put humpty-dumpty back together again-but it takes a lot of experience to do so w/o causing a roller coaster ride of symptoms and trial & error.

I have that experience—–give me a call-I may be able to help you get out of this trap.


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