Intestinal pain is one of the most common symptoms of inflammatory bowel conditions. This along with diarrhea -bloating and gas are an indication that the inner terrain of your GI tract has been altered. These symptoms can only happen when the mucosal lining which protects the tender lining of the colon has been destroyed. You will not feel any kind of sensation and know that anything is wrong until the stomach acids and roughage from fibrous foods erode the tissue deep enough to hit nerves. This will then stimulate diarrhea which is your body’s way of attempting to protecting itself by diluting the acid and pushing everything out which is the definition of diarrhea.

This is the beginning of IBS and if ignored the symptoms will inevitably get worse leading to deeper tissue erosion and more significant symptoms such as blood and mucus in the stools. This is the fast train to inflammatory bowel conditions like colitis and crohn’s.

There are no prescription medications such as Prednisone-Imuran or Remicade that can fix this. The only answer is to take concentrated supplements that contain the nutrients needed to rebuild the mucus membrane and intestinal walls.

It can be done-it is done everyday. Don’t listen to the uninformed pessimists.

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