dates-1021055_1920What are the most usual questions related to IBS and what are my answers for you?

I am frequently asked several good questions about irritable bowel syndrome.

1. ‘If I don’t have diarrhea can I still have IBS?’

Yes —- although diarrhea is the most common symptom it is not uncommon for people suffering with IBS to be constipated – at least part of the time. This is called IBS-C. This occurs when people have the other common IBS symptoms such as bloating-nausea and inflammation but not urgent diarrhea. Some people will have both diarrhea and constipation. We refer to them as ‘swingers‘ – they go back and forth even within the same day. Mostly the difference comes down to genetic differences which is also referred as biochemical individuality. They will often times need to manage the constipation even after they are healed and all of the other symptoms have been cleared.

2. ‘I have nausea all of the time. Does that mean that I have IBS?’

Not necessarily. Nausea is primarily an upper GI – stomach problem. Stomach problems like nausea, belching, bloating and Leaky Gut often times are diagnosed as Gastritis. People with IBS —- irritation of the lower GI-bowel will often times have a malfunction of the stomach and esophagus-heartburn – GERD and they will be lumped into one diagnosis.

Ultimately this is ok as the treatment for one is the same for the others. The body delivers the nutrients to wherever they need to go. Having said that – if you came to me with all of the above I would likely tell you that you have IBS treat you accordingly for that and let the body sort it out.

Lastly – diarrhea is the single symptom that is fundamental to all inflammatory bowel ‘disease’. From that understanding it is not difficult to extrapolate that the other IBD’s – being colitis, ulcerative colitis and Crohns ‘disease’ are just more advanced stages of IBS.

After all – all we are talking about is the bowel and how irritated it is. ‘A rose by any other name is a rose.’ An irritated bowel by any other name is a ——.’

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