There are some of you with IBS that have both diarrhea and constipation which can be kind of puzzling as the most typical IBS symptom is acute/urgent diarrhea. We call people with both- swingers. They swing back and forth between the two and often in the same day. IBS is a manmade inflammatory bowel disease(actually not a disease or a syndrome at all!) and constipation is a genetic issue -not an IBD. So- to be a swinger you would need to be a person who is “anal retentive” and had enough antibiotics to have destroyed the GI Tract mucosal lining. This is also a sure fire recipe for hemorrhoids- between lots of traffic passing through and lots of pushing due to “traffic- jams.” The very worst thing one can do in this situation is to take fiber as that will just irritate the colon more & backup behind the waste that is just sitting there.Forget laxatives= more hemorrhoids and definitely not a scope job! You are between a rock & a hard place. You need someone with lot’s of experience to get you out of this one- with knowledge of using natural anti-inflammatory herbs & natural stool softeners- just as starters. I try to not promote myself on this blog as I want it to be primarily a source of info for people looking for help- but my suggestion is that if you are in this bind to set up an appointment with me- as to leave this unresolved will surely lead to conditions such a Colitis or Crohn’s Disease. I have seen many people develop a perforated bowel from either no or poor treatment of this dangerous condition.You definitely don’t want that- then you are talking bowel surgery—– if you don’t bleed to death first. Sorry for the drama- it is just the truth.

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