Everyday that you do what I have cited below you fall further behind the 8 ball. Compounding your certainty to go deeper into the GI Abyss. This is the way to do it. If you want to travel down that dark road from IBS to Colitis to Ulcerative Colitis to Crohn’s Disease –

Do this

1. Take a lot of antibiotics. As your doctor keeps prescribing them-keep taking them. Drive yourself right into the ground.

2. Take Prednisone – Asacol- Imuran – Remicade – Pentasa- 6MP.
Every time you take one of these and lull yourself into thinking everything is ok—-your body doesn’t forget. The fire keeps burning and when the day comes to stop taking them you will see that IBD is a degenerative condition. It just keeps getting worse under that devious blanket of deception by the day. It’s side effects catch up with you. It will be time to pay the piper.

3. Do nothing. Sitting around in denial is a terrible choice. Don’t kid your self—it does not just go away. Remission is a myth.

That my friends is a fool proof way to assure that you get the inflammatory bowel condition of your choice.


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