Human BioComputer Maintenance & Repair

I spend my day introducing people to their body.

Let’s start with the basics-

If your body is not working right & you have no pain–then you have a software (mucosal lining) problem.

If it is not working properly & you do have pain – then you have a software & hardware (flesh / bone) problem.

I have not seen a condition yet that cannot be healed by upgrading the software & repairing the hardware.

I am proving to the world that if you do a bio software upgrade and do bio hardware maintenance–you can heal anything.

I have provided the source of the hardware & software below.


Then it is your job to google ‘Plant Signature’ & determine what plant is needed to compliment the body part you are treating – such as cranberries for the bladder or hawthorn for heart. In computer lingo these are called ‘plugins’ or ‘apps’. There is a plant / app for anything you want to do.

If you use a plant ‘plugin / app’ w/o upgrading the software you will find that it won’t work.

That explains why nothing you take works for you.

There are cognitive plugins / apps for your brain they are called thoughts.