apples-after-rain-free-license-cc0Are you looking for a Holistic Treatment For IBS? Are you looking for one that works? Don’t be fooled – most don’t.

I am assuming that because you are looking for a more natural treatment for irritable bowel, that you have tried everything your gastroenterologist has suggested.  I am sure this did not include much. Let’s see:

  • Colonoscopy —–the most common response is ‘didn’t see anything—looks normal.’
  • Or—‘looks a little inflamed in there.’
  • ‘Here is a prescription for——-. This isn’t anything else I can do for you.’
  • ‘But Come back and see me in a month.’ (Didn’t you just say there was nothing you could do?)
  • ‘Hey doc before I leave any recommendations about diet?’ ‘Sure-eat a high fiber diet.’ Which is the exact opposite of what to eat.

So, I am sure you have been there & done that.

Oops—I almost forgot about the newest medical -natural treatment—-This is scary—-you can’t make this stuff up.

Fecal transplantation (or bacteriotherapy) is the transfer of stool from a healthy donor into the gastrointestinal tract for the purpose of treating recurrent C. difficile colitis. ***Now they are using it for IBS-Colitis-Ulcerative Colitis & Crohn’s Disease.

All I have to say is——-you are kidding me–right? Be serious now—-you must be kidding.

The concept—-although I don’t they really know what they are trying to do is——-by ‘healthy donor‘–they mean void of any disease. If they had any idea what they are doing they would mean that the stool was populated with healthy probiotic bacteria.

Then again they will tell you that it is sterile but in the process of sterilization they would kill anything that was good in it.

For the life of me I cannot figure out why you would stick something of someone’s butt hoping it contains something (probiotic) you can get by swallowing a capsule.

Lastly–you will get some people who think they are smart who will say something like—‘you have to do it rectally because orally the bacteria won’t survive the acidity of the digestive tract.’

Wrong – Wrong – Wrong—–any good probiotic is coated in a way that protects it!

If this theory of Fecal Transplant is valid does this mean that women for millennia have been nursing their babies on the wrong end?

Science just can’t trust nature.

Here are some other supposed Holistic Diets that don’t work—if your definition of ‘work’ is to be healed-cured. Most of you have tried at least one of these but still have the problem.

These are diets that will not cure IBS although they may make you a little more comfortable:

Fodmap—-this is an unnecessarily complicated manipulation of certain carbohydrate foods that have specific molecular configurations. What I love about this one is they throw all of this theory at you & give you some guidelines & then say—‘everyone is different so you will need to experiment for yourself.’ Cool—-get your microscope ready.

Gluten Free – These people sometimes find that if they stop eating foods that contain gluten that their symptoms–such as gas -bloating -diarrhea go away—-but they have no idea why.

Dairy Free-Ditto——-what happens when you slip up & have a smidgen of ice cream or god help us—–some pizza?

Elimination Diet—this is the culmination of all of the above. You get to the point where all you can consume is uncle ben’s white rice & water—on a good day.

There are a zillion more ‘holistic diets’ just like these. What do they all have in common? They all play the blame game — it’s the food’s fault — they are just juggling & manipulating foods. None of them work—-because food does not work—-You cannot eat your way into or out of IBS.

Food has nothing to do with being the cause or the cure!

However there is one valid rule regarding food & IBS:

Eat a Low Fiber Diet–No Raw Fruit – No Raw Vegs – No Nuts-No Seeds – No Corn. Why? Because these are ‘rough’ & will further damage & irritate an already damaged & irritated colon.

It seems counter intuitive doesn’t it. You have to temporarily eat ‘unhealthy’ to get healthy.

In the unnatural world of of man-made inflammatory bowel conditions the world is turned upside down!


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