charcoal-powder-1053836_1920Holistic Body Ecology ——– when you understand what this is you will understand why this is the place to start.

You need to know who you are and how your body works.

Admit it — you have no idea about what makes you sick.

You are lost. You need someone who knows the way.

You need to go back & start from the beginning. You need to go ‘Home.’

Going ‘Home’ and doing things right is so much simpler.

Look at all of those vitamins & herbs you are taking. Are they working?

I will teach you how to get healthy again—literally from the GROUND up. Yes the ground as in soil.

You are a sick walking plant & a ‘virus’ ridden walking computer. You are disconnected from your Home — where it all starts.

Yes – I just heard you say ‘wtf is he talking about?’

With the use of 2 analogies—-‘low’ technology of organic soil management & ‘high’ tech —– you are a computer…

Actually what goes on in the soil & in your cells is WAY more sophisticated than computers and the internet.

Every cell contains algorithms google couldn’t even dream of.

In fact those & google are just mini versions of soil & body biochemistry.

We install updated software —- which is dynamic — meaning it is alive & reacts & adapts & evolves according to whatever you expose it to.

We can put it on auto pilot & forget about it & go have fun rather than sitting & searching on google all night for no gluten – no nut – no dairy – no everything cookie recipes.

Just install the software — learn how to cultivate healing inner soil & let’s go surfing or hiking or drink 6 beers — whatever!

I will teach you who you are and how you are supposed to work. (it’s much simpler than it may sound)

When you are “Home’ you are living in ‘homeostasis‘ (google it) and you are safe —– from pathogens – germs — human bio-computer ‘viruses.’

You need to install your anti-virus software. You were designed to be invulnerable.

You should be excited — I am!



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