Taking Tums? Did you ever think about what happens to that almost indigestible calcium that coats your stomach for a few minutes?
It ends up laying a nice bed of tile in your arteries. And as a nice bonus some complimentary kidney & gall stones.
Of course another option as a nice stocking stuffer to tame your heartburn could be to take some proton pump inhibitors—especially nice if your goal is to be infected with h-pylori for x-mas.
Ahh—–then we always have some antibiotics to try to treat the h-pylori.
Ask your grandmother if she remembers her grandmother complaining about more than occasional heartburn—-like you get from overeating once -twice a year.
Then ask her if she remembers her taking tums?
Then ask her if she remembers her taking antibiotics—–
the answer is no—–they hadn’t opened the pharmaceutical Pandora’s Box yet.
You know that commercial ‘What’s in your wallet?’
I ask you–‘What’s in your medicine cabinet?’