If you have any inflammatory bowel condition

such as IBS – Colitis – Crohns’s and I tell you to eat a low fiber diet

what I mean is no raw fruit-no raw vegs -no nuts -no seeds -no corn.

This is because you don’t want to drag rough stuff over an already irritated bowel.

Is this logical? Does it makes sense?

Most medical doctors are still recommending a high fiber diet. This makes me wonder if they have ever put any thought into this.

Never take a product that is designed to clean your colon when you have one of the conditions listed above. They cleanse your bowel by irritating it. You will then end up with a spastic colon. You don’t want that.

Here are some good questions that I get when I recommend the low fiber diet.

Can I drink any fruit or vegetable juices? Yes

Can I juice my fruits and vegs? Yes

Can I make smoothies? Yes

Can I eat peanut- almond or seed butter? Yes

Can I eat a mountain of doritos on super bowl sunday? No – not yet but I promise you can next year.

As for any other food that I don’t mention here-eat it.

This is all temporary until we get you all fixed up.

Then you will be able to eat anything & everything.

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