Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services guaranteed?2021-07-15T03:05:24-04:00

I wish we could guarantee the treatment 100%. The fact of the matter is, our success rate is 98% and we have very good feedback and responses from our members. Give our programs a try today.

How much does treatment cost? What do I get?2021-07-30T01:51:57-04:00

You pay a one time fee of $195 which includes instant access to your protocol materials and is self paced. You have unlimited support until you are healed via email with Dr Snow directly and the option to schedule a call directly with Dr Snow as often as you need (fees apply). Get Started Here: Join Today and Stop Suffering

What gastrointestional issues do you treat?2021-07-05T23:16:07-04:00

I treat the big 5 of Inflammatory Bowel Conditions (IBS, Colitis, UC, Crohn’s, and Constipation).

Why no in-office visits?2021-07-05T23:16:07-04:00

It’s called tele-medicine or tech-medicine, and it’s very popular in medicine these days for treatment that does not require examination. We’ve got a plethora of technology at our disposal, which provides me with the opportunity to help people find relief, no matter where they are in the world. Through secure emails and calls, I’m able to deliver all the guidance and information you’ll need to heal your gastrointestinal issues without having to examine you in person.

How will you know what treatment plan I need for my symptoms?2021-07-05T23:16:07-04:00

During the online sign-up process, you’ll fill out a brief form that I’ve designed to capture your medical history, symptoms, and anything else I would need to know in order to effectively treat you.

Are there age restrictions on who you’ll treat?2021-07-05T23:16:07-04:00

I treat patients of all ages, including kids. I’ve helped many parents get their little ones back to healthy again.

Do you treat international patients?2021-07-05T23:16:07-04:00

Absolutely. The only component that will vary in your treatment plan is where you source the supplements I recommend (and I’ll get you all set up with this).

What payment options do you accept?2021-07-05T23:16:07-04:00

All major credit cards are accepted. The cost for my services is due in total at time of sign-up.

How will I know what my diet should look like during my treatment?2021-07-05T23:16:07-04:00

Dietary recommendations and guidance will be provided based on your symptoms.

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