oil-1370569_1920Got Lymeparasitescandidah-pylori — any kind of pathogens living in you & you are taking things like oregano oil & black walnut etc—-FORGET IT.

That is akin to spraying chemicals on weeds in your garden. Aren’t they just going to grow back? What all these are, is opportunistic free-loading weeds that are able to thrive because the ‘host’ – you is weak.

Don’t attack THEM—–that is futile—‘raise the rent’-change the ‘environment’-make it uncomfortable for them & they will wove on.

You will have accomplished NOTHING until you re-establish perfect soil.

Treat your gut like it’s an organic garden—-build strong soil—and the weeds can’t grow there.

Your immune system lives in your gut. BTW–every cell is a gut.

So that leaves the pathogens nowhere to hide. It pains me to hear of people who have had Lyme or are on their 3rd round of antibiotics for h-pylori & now have symptoms of IBS &…..the beat goes on because the are attacking the problem with the wrong end of the stick.


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