Anyone who has had a diverticulitis attack knows how painful they can be. Most will end up at the emergency room. The symptoms of diverticulitis develop when little pouches in the intestines which are called diverticula become infected or inflamed. When the presence of these pouches is chronic and not painful it is called diverticulosis. Although not generally considered so it is an inflammatory bowel condition that is manmade. It is created by poor diet and the use of antibiotics which also happens to be the conventional method of diverticulitis treatment which gives some temporary relief but compounds the problem.

A diverticulitis diagnosis does not mean that you have to live it. The 1st thing to do is to follow a diet low in fiber which is no raw fruit-raw vegs -nuts -seeds or corn. This is temporary until things quiet down. Secondly you should treat it the same way that you would any other inflammatory bowel condition such as IBS or colitis.

You need to take nutritional supplements that contain the nutrients that the colon is made of in order to rebuild the mucosal lining and intestinal wall. This can typically take 2-3 months and will put you in position to never experience diverticulitis again.

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