outhouse-1411137_1920If you have any of the inflammatory bowel conditions there is a good chance that a predominant symptom is diarrhea——thank god for diarrhea!

We are so lucky to have a mechanism in our body that when our bowel is irritated it dumps a lot of water into it whitch then causes diarrhea. If you have a little diarrhea it is a little blessing-big urgent -out of control-life debilitating-butt getting raw diarrhea is a great big blessing.

Why is diarrhea such a good thing? Well of course this is in a certain context. None of us want to have diarrhea—unless we understand that in your bowel’s world it is a mechanism of survival.

Here’s how it works. Originally—-up until apprx 60 years ago this mechanism—-to release extra fluid into the bowel was in response to consuming something was was irritating to the bowel or as part of an immune response if we consumed a germ-perhaps tainted food or had a ‘stomach virus.’ Think of Montezuma’s Revenge. This was to protect the bowel walls-dilute the poison & float whatever it was out. Thank god for this.

Now—let’s upgrade the need for this function. Why did I say ‘up until apprx 60 years ago?’ That is when the world of microbiology changed. Just after world war 2 the pharmaceutical industry unleashed synthetic antibiotics into us & our environment. This has had massive effects upon our body.

Sticking to just our gastrointestinal tract the effects have been devastating. Remember that antibiotics kill bacteria & the most important part of our GI tract is the mucosal lining which is made of —–beneficial bacteria. Besides being our immune system & the gut being it’s primary home—–the mucosal lining plays a role of protecting the tender tissue of the bowel walls.

Here is the gist—-w/o the mucosal lining the bowel wall is exposed to——-our stomach acids. Unchecked these acids could burn a hole through our bowel wall in a week.

What do digestive acids do? They digest food. What is the bowel wall made of——–food.

The size of the hole is commensurate with the a. degree of destruction of & the lack of the mucosal lining & b. the amount of time that the tissue has been exposed. This then determines the severity of the diarrhea.

Little hole (IBS)—-little diarrhea—-Bigger Hole (Colitis) more diarrhea —-Even Bigger Hole—even more diarrhea & The Biggest Hole (Crohn’s) out of control 24/7 diarrhea.

What is the correlation? Why all the water?

Here’s why——the body with it’s protection mechanism senses that there is lot of destruction going on & then triggers the release of water—–to dilute the stomach acid & to quickly wash the acids out.

If you have an inflammatory bowel condition & you do not have diarrhea—then I feel bad for you & your condition will deteriorate faster that your friend’s who are all running for the bathroom.

Thank God For Diarrhea!

Footnote——-if you want to graduate all the way from IBS to Crohn’s——–take steroids to cover this up & chug imodium all day. (BTW—what does imodium do—–it inhibits the release of —water into the bowel.) You should know that even though you have arrested the symptoms the damage is still going on.

How will you know you are graduating? When you start to see mucus in your stool & then start to see blood in the stool you will know that you are losing the water  / acid battle.

What is crohn’s? It is when you have lost the battle & the acid has eaten most of your colon.

So—-thank god for diarrhea —–but if you ignore the signals not even god can save your colon.


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