If you suffer from crohn’s disease, you should have some accurate information about it.

1. Crohn’s Disease is not a disease. It is a manmade inflammatory bowel condition.

2. A crohn’s disease diagnosis just means that there is more damage to the colon than IBS- colitis or UC.

3. Scopes and blood work tell you nothing valuable about your bowel condition. The only thing that has any value is your symptoms.

4. If you have crohn’s disease you likely do not need surgery unless you have waited too long for the proper care.

5. There are effective treatments for inflammatory bowel conditions. They just happen to be natural vs chemical.

6. The only treatment needed is one that rebuilds the bowel tissue. This treatment uses the natural -organic raw materials that the flesh of the bowel is made of. The colon is not made of prednisone.

7. The only dietary restrictions are to temporarily eat a low fiber diet of no raw fruit-no raw vegs and no nuts -seeds or corn. We don’t need to drag roughage over an already inflamed colon.

8. Crohn’s is a manmade condition from the prior use of synthetic antibiotics taken for some other health issue that destroyed the mucosal lining of the colon.

9. Crohn’s disease symptoms are incessant diarrhea- blood- mucus- undigested food in the stool and inflammation.

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