This post is the continuation of a conversation I have just had with a client.

Antibiotics are a good thing to take—–under the right circumstances. If you are dealing with symptoms of Candida- SIBO-Parasites and any other infectious gastro-intesinal issues popular today – you are “infested” with who knows what. It is a mess. It is very rare that you would actually have only one of these. Why? This is because the conditions that allow one of these infections is the same that will allow for all of them. The issue is that the localized immune system living in your gut has been destroyed by—antibiotics-allowing things to grow in us unimpeded. We have opened up Pandora’s Box and our whole society is paying for it. There are not a whole lot of people in this country who are not suffering from either diarrhea-constipation-food allergies or some inflammatory bowel “disease.”

So as I told my client sometimes the best move is to take an antibiotic to wipe the slate clean. They do have beneficial properties that can serve our interests under certain circumstances. This can be a good option especially when you find yourself backed into a corner and are unable to take the very natural supplements required to reset symbiosis–balance. She has even become allergic to probiotics-–something I thought was impossible. That’s how bastardized our collective immunity has become. We can’t stop things from growing on us or in us. Our body does not even know how to relate to something natural.

If this strategy is employed and antibiotics which kill bacteria -are used we need to let the dust settle and see if there are still symptoms that have not been resolved. If so – you need to then take a  drug such as diflucan to deal with potential fungal or yeast problems.

I know that this all sounds heretical especially in light of the information that I provide on this blog and impart to my clients. Unfortunately it is a reality (gut) check that reflects the overuse of antibiotics. Under these circumstances it is a good move to – as I have said–wipe the slate clean and start over.

Lastly let’s not forget the golden rule—when we take any antimicrobial medication we ALWAYS follow up with probiotics and colostrum—to re-eastablish immunity and control of our gut. Unfortunately in many of these cases to try to do this naturally is going to be futile. So if you have been struggling with and losing this chess match you just might want to make this move on these bad guys and then say—-checkmate.

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