nutrient-additives-505124_1920I have harped many times on this blog about the evils of antibiotics. Now it is time to give praise where praise is due. Hail Hail the life saver—Hail Hail Antibiotics.

Hail Hail Mother Nature —-for giving us penicillin!

Hail Hail Louis Pasteur for discovering it!

Hail Hail my grandmother who in our house taught us to fight over the gray -green moldy looking stuff on the bread! Before refrigeration our ancestors got their daily dose of natural antibiotics—nature’s gift—penicillin.

Penicillin being alive and intelligent is a natural resident in our life there to keep the inner ‘landscape’ balanced. That is until science got a hold of it and pumped it up to a ridiculous potency. Throwing it and us out of balance by opening Pandora’s Box.

Hail Hail the fact that we couldn’t live w/o antibiotics!

Hail Hail the fact that I will be the 1st in line if I need them!

Hail Hail the knowledge about what to do after we take this miracle natural medicine! Penicillin functions within the ‘whole’-maintaining balance. The new stuff  can blow a hole in your colon in one dose.

The biggest problem that we have now is the man-made synthetic antibiotics. One example is cipro which will kill anthrax. This chemical will go into your body and devastate you immune system in 1 dose.

If you really really want an inflammatory bowel condition go get some of this stuff or something of it’s ilk. Then get in the long line outside of my office.

Please!!! for your own sake and that of your children before you run down to the drugstore ask your doctor what this stuff that he prescribed is and what are the side effects. That’s just very basic and not even one of you do that. Think!

Hail Hail the knowledge of pro (for life) biotics!

Hail Hail the fact that with this knowledge each one of us can avoid or reverse the manmade ‘conditions’ such as IBS- Colitis – Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease!

Hail Hail The Golden Rule of Bowel Management- if you take an anti (against life) biotic then take a pro (good bacteria) biotic—that will save your quality of life!

Stop Suffering – Start Today!