why-1641898_1920These are some of the questions my clients ask me about inflammatory bowel conditions.

Q. Do NSAIDS cause IBS?

A. Not directly. While they are acidic and they can upset the stomach they do not cause any of the inflammatory bowel conditions. They can only aggravate a pre-existing problem that was present from a prior use of antibiotics. This would allow the nsaids to leak through the mucosal lining and irritate the GI tract wall.

Q. Does IBD run in my family?

A. Not exactly. Yes there are always genetic tendencies towards any body system to be more susceptible to disease. Regarding gastro-intestinal conditions like IBD, do not develop without other factors as the primary influence. What does run in the family is the use of antibiotics. These will exacerbate the genetic tendency and increase the potential for anything from IBS to crohn’s.

Q. My doctor suggested that I should have colonics and increase my fiber to help my colitis. Is that a good idea?

A. No. This will only make it worse. The tender lining of your colon is already irritated and inflamed. You do not want to be dragging roughage over it or sticking things up there. Part of the proper strategy for this condition is to temporarily eat a low fiber diet.

Q. My naturopath said that she could not fix my ulcerative colitis. Why is that?

A. I am sure that your naturopath is excellent at treating many general problems and also   that she may specialize in certain conditions. Gastro-intestinal problems can be very complex to treat and require a naturopath who specializes in them. Most naturopaths shy away from GI problems.

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