Holistic Gastroenterology Treatment


My name is Dr. Albert Snow. I have been providing Gastroenterology Holistic Treatment for 33 years.

Given the chance I will fix your gastrointestinal problem.

These are the conditions that I treat.

 IBS, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease & Constipation.

These are not diseases but are manmade conditions and they can all be permanently healed with the proper use of natural medicine.

The Cause

The ingestion of common medications that destroy the mucosal lining that protects the tissue of the gastro-intestinal wall.

The Solution

To reverse the effects of these medications.

I have created an effective natural treatment that in my 33 years of practice has consistently brought relief

to those suffering from inflammatory bowel conditions.

Isn’t it time to try something different?

Why wait? Why suffer anymore? Would you like a better quality of life?

I can fix your gastrointestinal problem.

I guarantee it

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How to schedule an appointment

The cost of a 30 minute telephone consultation is $150. Click below to schedule an appointment now.


I also offer the exact same information you would receive in a telephone appointment via email at a one time fee of $95.

You do not need to schedule a telephone appointment for the email option. If you choose this option please click the Email Consultation Option below to make your payment and fill out the Health History Form. He will then send you a detailed protocol for the healing of your condition. This protocol will provide you with all of the steps needed to make a full and permanent recovery. To sign up for this option please click below.

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albert snow small Holistic Gastroenterology Treatment
I can help you heal your inflammatory bowel
My name is Dr. Albert Snow. I am a Naturopathic Doctor with 33 years of experience using natural medicine to successfully treat inflammatory bowel conditions.
Unfortunately we have been told that there are no alternatives and 1000′s of people are left unnecessarily with a life sentence of suffering.
This is no longer necessary. I can help you.

“My son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2005. He had never been seriously ill in his lifeand had just finished swimming season in his senior season of high school. After spending 46 days in the hospital where he endured 3 separate courses of drug treatment, my son’s weight dropped from 185-133lbs and the hospital bills skyrocketed to nearly $100,000.From the standpoint of the mainstream medical community removing my son’s colon (which involves 3 separate surgeries over an extended period of time) was our only option. Removing the colon of an 18-year-old boy simply did not make sense to me.Against the wishes of the medical team, I took my son out of the hospital and began investigating alternatives.

We luckily found Dr.Snow on the internet. When we met with the Doctor he appeared to be well experienced, understood and explained the problem better than the other specialists we had met and clearly had a solution.
Thanks to him my son still has his colon, is able to eat anything he wants, and is completely healthy. I thank God that we listened to and trusted Dr. Snow.

Jody L.
 North Waterboro, Maine

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